[thelist] selling ebooks

Conyers, Dwayne dwayne.conyers at hp.com
Fri Apr 6 11:05:39 CDT 2007

Also Spracht David Lindblad:

> I would strongly suggest disabling printing 
> as someone can print/distill to PDF and 
> create an unsecured version of the book.

Oh yeah... that was another "crack" I forgot about... the old distill an
unprotected copy routine.

It goes back to those who wanted to protect their images from being
stolen from the web, so they used a program to slice it into squares and
arranged the squares into a table so no one could right-click and
download.  Instead, they just did a screen capture.

Ain't technology a peach!

I made magic once.  Now, the sofa is gone.

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