[thelist] what's your favorite video capture config?

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Sun Apr 8 18:41:41 CDT 2007

Christian made a handful of comments, some serious, some, well, otherwise:

> Are you talking about own video footage to DVD conversion or
> converting DVDs to AVI or MPG?

the latter

> For the latter I normally use XMPEG http://www.xmpeg.net/

what hardware do you use outside your computer? standard DVD player and another hardware interface?

> All of which of course should never be used to convert copyrighted
> material.

certainly :) despite your tongue being in your cheek, this is all original video, used by permission of all involved

> The film industry needs every penny it can get to produce
> films like Cheaper By The Dozen and recreate French or English
> classics like Taxi or Pink Panther in much better American versions.

but I thought VTR was going to shut Hollywood down? did I miss that?

> It also makes total sense to me that I can legally buy DVDs in the US
> but shouldn't be able to play them back home, my loss to not look
> closely at the packaging.

ah, standards; they're wonderful. that's why we have so many of them.

I'm *still* hoping to get around to having my PAL videotape of 'Love on a Bet' converted to NTSC DVD so I can watch it. (*Try* finding the best of the unknown romantic comedies from the 30s on VHS or DVD.)


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