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> kasimir-k wrote:
> > Use Virtual PC[0] instead. Or get MS's readymade package of XP sp2 with 
> > IE6[1].
> >

> > [1]http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=70868
> By chance, do you happen to know where I could get a compiled version of 
> XP with IE5.5?

XP shipped with IE 6.0 - there are no legit versions of XP with v5.5. You
will need to downgrade to Win2000 or Win9x

> I guess optimally, it would be cool to have two vpc images... Both XPSP2 
> -- one with 5.5 and other with 6.0, and both without the "time bomb" 
> restrictions.

As I posted on Wednesday last week - the info is here:

Follow the IE blog for announcements on when the next VPC image will be made
available. According to IE blog, other versions of IE are so small now that
they didn't both making a VPC of those browsers.

> Or, other versions of the OS (i.e. win2k) with 5.5 / 6.0 
> installed? I am willing to pay the $$$$. :)

If you are developer, you can always get MSDN, Technet or Action Pack
subscription. Reasonably cheap way of getting OS versions, developer
software, server software etc.

> Where would I go to download such a thing? Or, do I have to buy a couple 
> versions of the OS myself, and generate the images manually?

That would be the other way to go. Windows 2000 is probably available pretty
cheaply on eBay or similar. XP VM is available from MS website. That should
cover most of your needs.



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