[thelist] PHP Login from Evolt site.

Bowles, Mickey (RIC) Mickey.Bowles at SMNA.com
Tue Apr 10 08:13:50 CDT 2007

This is a repeat, because I never saw it get delivered and never got any
responses.  I noticed the List was active today so I thought I would

"I have fired up the code and love it.  Anyone modified theirs for roles
based security where you can belong to different groups/roles instead of
just 9 for admin or 1 for user?
Example, an admin would actually belong to groups 1 and 9.  and a
regular user only belongs to 1.   A moderator will belong to 1, 4 and
possibly 7, etc...
Would have posted this to the forum on the code sample page but getting
a "precondition failed" page even with Firefox (and from home as well
without a corp proxy)"

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