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MILLER David R. dmiller at mcc.ca
Tue Apr 10 11:16:47 CDT 2007

Be sure to take a look at Software research's eValid. It uses IE to
create multiple virtual clients on a single machine. It has "watch me"
recording, handles JavaScript, cookie, modal dialogues, etc. Not always
the easiest to use (proprietary scripting language) and over $1K but
much cheaper and light-weight than LoadRunner and its ilk.

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Thanks to all who have sent product URL's for consideration.

I'm ok with command line stuff, but the rest of the team here would be
scared stiff.

We need something that will run a GUI on a windows machine and is simple
to set up maintain and gives meaningful reports.

Sorry for not being more specific earlier on - as I said, I 'm only just
getting an idea of what we need vs. what's out there :)


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