[thelist] PHP Login from Evolt site.

Bowles, Mickey (RIC) Mickey.Bowles at SMNA.com
Tue Apr 10 15:09:18 CDT 2007

The code from the evolt example assumes and single level of authority, 0
= guest, 1 = user and 9 = admin.  So a 9 would have all privileges of 9
and below.

I want to convert it to a group membership scenario where members can
belong to numerous groups, i.e.  Admin will belong to the admin group
with full rights, but a moderator will belong to 1 = users and 4 =
moderators.   Etc..

The sample code queries the db for an array of user data, with 1 item
being the single digit level of auth.  I wanted to switch that single
digit with a pipe delim array so it could be exploded to a list of
groups that a member belongs to.  

Just seeing if this is the best way to do this in php/mysql as I don't
code in this lang and just poking around for a friend.

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> Haven't done that myself, but if no one else replies... looks like it 
> should be something like:

> if($session->logged_in){
>	if(isset($_GET['userlevel'])) { $session->userlevel = 
>$_GET['userlevel']; }

> // do their thing here

> } else {
> // send them somewhere else or do another thing }

Am I mistaken or are you suggesting you let users set their security
clearance based on a $_GET variable? Please tell me I'm mistaken....

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