[thelist] How to make sure email from IIS SMTP go tohotmail/yahoo's inbox

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Wed Apr 11 10:59:24 CDT 2007

XtiaN wrote:
> Hm.. Is that true that if my domain reverse lookup setup up correctly, 
> then my email won't go to junkmail/bulkmail again?

Like Ken stated there a lot of factors that determine spam. But you need 
to get the "plumbing" factors corrected before you can do anything about 
the other stuff.

Without a proper reverse lookup you are not going to get the mail where 
you want. Some ISPs even reject mail that does not have a proper reverse 

And if your ISP supports it, try setting up an SPF record. This will 
help lower your spam score with those ISPs that look for an SPF record.

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