[thelist] Electronic Frontier Foundation: Don't Let Europe Turn Its Citizens into Copycriminals!

A Maynes andrew at milords.com
Thu Apr 12 05:31:15 CDT 2007

Does signing a petition stop this going through!  These jokers do what
they want when they want.  They are not run by the people for the people
but by the Murdoch's of the world. There is nothing ordinary people can
do and signing petitions is a waste of time.

You want to hit these guys where it hurts?  Stop playing in their world
en masse.  Stop paying taxes, stop buying crap throw away products, stop

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>Europe Turn Its Citizens into Copycriminals!
>* Don't Let Europe Turn Its Citizens into Copycriminals!
>Sign EFF's Petition Against IPRED2 at www.copycrime.eu
>On April 24th, the European Parliament will vote on IPRED2,
>the Second Intellectual Property Enforcement Directive.
>With one stroke, they risk turning thousands of innocent EU 
>citizens and businesses into copycriminals.
>If IPRED2 passes in its current form, "aiding, abetting, or 
>inciting" copyright infringement on a "commercial scale" in 
>the EU will become a crime.
>The entertainment industry has made it clear that it sees
>sites like YouTube, P2P software, and even ISPs as
>"inciting" infringement. With IPRED2, the industry is 
>pressuring governments in Europe to use taxpayers' money to 
>enforce these prohibitive ideas of intellectual property. If 
>IPRED2 were to become law, entertainment companies would even 
>be able assist police in an official role as part of 
>transnational "joint investigation teams."
>Even though this represents a huge change in how
>intellectual property will be treated under the law, many
>terms in IPRED2 are left unclear or undefined -- including 
>"commercial scale" and "incitement." Companies or individuals 
>crossing these fuzzy lines can face permanent bans on doing 
>business, as well as seizure of assets, criminal records, and 
>fines of up to 100,000 euros.
>EFF Europe, together with other European activist groups,
>is working hard in Brussels to fix IPRED2. Send a message
>to the European Parliament, and receive up-to-date
>information, by visiting the copycrime website and signing
>our petition now!
>More info:
>* * Please support the community that supports you.  * * 

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