[thelist] best procedure for storing temp data pending approval

Garth Hagerman hagerman at mcn.org
Thu Apr 12 15:23:09 CDT 2007

 >When a user submits changes to existing data in a DB that needs to  
be approved >before the change is committed, where do you store the  
changes until approval, >and how do you handle the approval process?

I'm not a 'DBA or a "trained" programmer' either, I'm a small town  
generalist, but I have encountered a similar situation with a  
reciprocal link script I use on a few of my clients' sites. A  
webmaster wanting to swap links fills out a form, and the data is  
stored on the db. I use one one extra field, "verified", which is set  
by default to zero. The clients' links pages only display entries  
where the "verified" field has a value of one. Since I'm doing the  
maintenance myself, I go into phpmyadmin and change the value when  
I've confirmed a good link, but it'd be easy to write a non-techie  
friendly backend where an administrator could get a list of data that  
needs verification and change it as needed.

I hope this helps

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