[thelist] best procedure for storing temp data pending approval

Pringle, Ron RPringle at aurora-il.org
Thu Apr 12 16:28:22 CDT 2007

Patrick Sanders wrote:

>Why not lose the temp table entirely? just use the status levels? Add 
>one more pending re-approval to account for this eventuality?

That was my original thought. However, after reviewing the legalities of what I'm posting, I've decided I'm going to need to maintain a "version" or "history" table that shows the event data in its entirety each time a change is made. For legal reasons, I need to be able to show what data existed at any given date/time, when it was submitted, when it was approved, when a change was made, what the changes were, and when it was removed.

So I think I've gotten it narrowed down to creating a change table that will hold any submitted changes pending approval. Once approval is given, the existing event record will be duplicated in the history table and date and time stamped, and the change will be committed to the existing record, which will also be date and time stamped. Then the change record will be purged from the change table.

This will allow me to keep an existing record live until a change is approved, and keep a version history of changes made. I can then compare records in the history table to determine the changes that were made, when and by whom.

Whew. I think that will accomplish what I need to do. Does this make sense?


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