[thelist] Downloadable Mac files -- .ZIP or .SIT?

Clive R Sweeney clive at designshift.com
Fri Apr 13 10:32:32 CDT 2007

I've prepared a Mac version of a screensaver and there seems to be some 
question of which compression format to use. It's been quite a while 
since I owned a Mac and so I'm not too current. Should the screensaver 
be compressed as a .ZIP or a .SIT file? The Mac users I've asked have 
all suggested .ZIP and that's what we used for the file that's currently 
online. Now, however, the client seems wants to switch to .SIT.

Of course, I'll give the client what they want, but I'd like to be able 
to give a more informed opinion on the subject.

::. clive

Clive Sweeney
Durham NC

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