[thelist] purge process question with registration/membership system

Bob Meetin ontheroad at frii.com
Sat Apr 14 09:27:28 CDT 2007

now here's a couple process questions. i can handle this differently 
based upon need, but here i'd like to hear back what acceptable 
standards would be. the questions revolve around membership and a 
message board, blog and several other routines to submit images/content.

    * member registers.
    * member submits content, images, whatever.
    * by doing so they commonly relinquish ownership to the
      organization, yes?
    * some undefined ugly happens - although the guidelines clearly
      identify that banning, etc may occur, someone breaks the content
      guideline rules.

so how do you think we handle both his/her login ID and past submitted 

    * ban the individual
    * purge the ID and all linked content (although may may attempt to
      sneak back via an alternate login).
    * disable the ID, but leave appropriate content published
    * disable/purge the ID (add to a black list) and move ownership of
      content to a special/reserved owner/ID, but leave content published.
    * other?


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