[thelist] XSLT XML output to XML

Jon Molesa rjmolesa at consoltec.net
Sat Apr 14 12:33:49 CDT 2007

Again David I appreciate your knowledge.  I think we're headed in the
right direction.  I'll admit that I'm clueless about what is happening
here.  But you did mention the XML in your first response so I'll
include it now.

<!-- ignore this whole transaction -->
<!-- there are many more elements, but i don't think they're important
for what I want to do-->
<gnc:transaction version="2.0.0">
		<!-- if this is present in the transaction -->

I think what you've given me still includes the transaction that
includes gncInvoice just without the gncInvoice node.

I was trying to be brief in my question but I don't think I gave enough
information to allow you to help me.  Thanks again and I'm looking
forward to your response.

* David Johansson <thelist at dlade.net> wrote:
> Ah, sorry, I didn't get that. In that case, update the match to 
> something like this:
> <xsl:template match="gnc:transaction[.//slot:key[normalize-space(.) = 
> 'gncInvoice']]"></xsl:template>

Jon Molesa
rjmolesa at consoltec.net
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