[thelist] .NET: Generally speeding things up (Ajax?)

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Wed Apr 18 08:27:42 CDT 2007

On Apr 17, 2007, at 6:22 PM, Casey Crookston wrote:

> I have a general "best-practice" question.  I have a page that has  
> lots
> of textboxes, dropdowns, and labels inside of placeholders and  
> controls.
> It also loads many dynamic controls into various placeholders, many of
> which use auto-postback.  After a while, the page gets very big, and
> each time the user does an auto-postback, it can take a while for  
> ALL of
> these controls to re-load from viewstate.
> What's the best way to speed things up?  Do I need t learn Ajax?

To make the page work without full page loads, you're probably going  
to have to use Ajax (or I suppose make the whole thing Flash or  

Not an expert on the topic (yet), but if you do need to learn it I  
would highly recommend a slim volume called "Bulletproof Ajax" by  
Jeremy Keith.  They guy's an outstanding technical writer, and very  
good at not making his books any thicker than absolutely necessary. :)

Stephen Rider


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