[thelist] [OT] - I'm not a flash fan, bu tI've fallen in love with this...

Chris Hayes chris at lwcdial.net
Thu Apr 19 06:29:58 CDT 2007

I'll let you know when they deliver to Finchley.

Damn, and I was just thinking about lunch.

The flash works quite well, I found everything easy and clear.  But I think 
I'm in a user minority;- it only works well on large screen resolutions and 
for ordinarily-abled people.

1024 x 768 and less:  -  there's a lot of: scroll left, up, down, turn page, 
up right down left turn up right.

Also, it's a shame the blind people of West London are excluded from this 
far eastern culinary delight.

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> http://www.gourmetoriental.com/
> I'm probably the last to see this kinda thing, but I thought it was 
> awesome...
> Love to see more of this kinda thing...
> Um, that's all, it tickled me... had to share...
> Tris...
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