[thelist] State of the art in CAPTCHA decoding?

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Thu Apr 19 09:00:54 CDT 2007

Steven E. Streight noted:

>>Use comment moderation with delayed posting instead. 

>>Comment moderation, with email notification of comments 
>>in moderation, awaiting approval.

Hi Steven,

I think that sounds like a good starting point and, if 
you are only running one site with low to medium traffic, 
perhaps reasonable in the longer term.

However, for someone running a number of high traffic sites 
this approach may not be practical.  In that case they would 
either need a more mechanized aproach (whether CAPTCHA or a 
series of Turing-like questions like we have been discussing) 
or a slashdot like army of moderators (a system which has 
its own problems).


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