[thelist] [OT] - I'm not a flash fan, bu tI've fallen in love with this...

Christian Heilmann codepo8 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 19 11:58:00 CDT 2007

> > Personally I find it flashy for three seconds then the fiddly
> > interface, its memory consumption and obvious accessibility flaws make
> > me leave.
> looks like you're not in their target demographic, eh? perfectly acceptable response for you; you can certainly find your Chinese from a restaurant that has a better designed website ;)
> but as technologists, we do our clients a disservice if we ever lose focus of the fact that they're quite a bit more interested in making money, than in efficient computer operation. (not claiming that's what you're saying; just taking another opportunity to ride one of my favorite hobby horses)

What? By not allowing search engines to index their menus or people to
search the page to find their favourite dish? If your design makes
your product more appealing and if technology allows users to assemble
an order quickly, then it is great, if it is there to woo you
technically then a clever design agency got another sucker client.

Makes you wonder how easy this menu is to change to a seasonal or
special of the week and how much it would cost you?

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