[thelist] Caching / preloading images

Pierre-Henri Lavigne lavigne at getphuture.com
Thu Apr 19 14:23:07 CDT 2007

Good day all,

I am seeking informations about rendering a fluid site visit, I mean avoiding 
the most possible "waiting time / loading animation". For an online shop 
which will contain 4 "modules" on the same page :

* Long list menu with a window decorate image for every text link rollover
* manual carousel for the products , 3 products shown, one highlighted
* customizable items per product
* real-time preview with a zoom tool

At this step to resume about what I know with the basic analysis / technical 
specification :
* Everything on the client side (Green card for full Ajaxx, no alternative 
without javascript)
* The menu itself should be available as the document is ready. So I am 
considering to preload the 50 hundred images maybe more
* About the other, I am considering to first launch the current product and 
the items available for it only. Add a visual effect per images or images 
group to avoid the rendering " slowly loading step by step pictures " (I mean 
from a visitor point of view).
* After all of this, decide about the required library

I was just wondering about the methods to consider truely the problem ? 
Reports, articles, advises, statistics or just web developer experiences are 
welcome... to avoid the kernel panic junior webdev

I believed the discuss is more about testing and DOM and Ajaxx subjects so I 
apologize for allowing myself to post to the two lists, Evolt and WSG.

Best regards,

Wcube . eQuesto
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