[thelist] Javascript regular expression question

Judah McAuley judah at wiredotter.com
Thu Apr 19 15:30:59 CDT 2007

Lee Kowalkowski wrote:
> Interesting, you're allowing 0A and 0D (New Line and Carriage Return)
> and all ASCII characters from space to tilde.
> You could do this to strip out the rest: str = str.replace(/[^\n\r -~]/g, "");
> Your expressions look sound as they are, but they tend to when out of
> context, how are you trying to use them?

This particular part of the application is a front end that produces an 
xml document, so the character set is actually UTF-8 and I'm allowing 
non-ascii characters, so the "strip out the rest" won't quite work, 
alas. A good idea though. Basically, I'm trying to strip out things that 
will cause problems when inserted into a CDATA block. As it turns out, 
control characters will wreak havoc with xml parsers even inside a CDATA 

>> The regex tester at regular-expressions.info tells me that
>> /[\x00-\x09]/g doesn't match my control character that I pasted in, but
>> it also doesn't tell me my regex is wrong either.
> I'm dubious, what flavour of regEx does it test?  If I enter the
> following into a browser address bar it works fine, so the syntax is
> OK as far as I can tell:
> javascript:alert(/[\x20-\x21]/.test(" "))

Hmmm...might be a problem with pasting the control character then. I was 
trying to paste in x03 This character actually ended up in an error on 
this app which is why I'm testing it. I still don't know how the end 
user got it in there, but there it is.

I'll try putting the regexes in place and see how it goes.


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