[thelist] How to empty a gridview in 2.0

Anthony Baratta anthony at baratta.com
Fri Apr 20 14:21:35 CDT 2007

Can it be reliably said, that when a user enters the page with no post or "additional" querystrings they are looking to start "fresh"? If so, re-init all your controls and start everything over.

Therefore, anytime a non-Post method activates your page - start everything over.

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> >>What exactly are you attempting to do that needs the Datagrid "reset"?
> <<
> Was doing some user testing... There is a page on which users record
> transactions.  Each transaction has multiple line items. Each time a new
> line item is entered, it is added to the db and the gridview is re-bound
> so it shows up on the page immediately. 
> When the user has entered all transactions, they are supposed to click
> on the "Start New Transaction" button I provided which clears all
> ViewState values and re-directs back to the same page. Doing this
> re-direct accomplished the goal of clearing the datagrid.
> However, instead of clicking on the "Start New Transaction" button, the
> user tends to click on the link for the page she is already on. When she
> does this, the rows in the gridview are maintained, and as she enters
> line items for a new transaction, the gridview shows old data until she
> enters a second line on the new transaction.
> So, I need a way, when the user clicks onto the page, to clear any data
> that might be in the datagrid.
> Hope this makes sense.
> Casey
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