[thelist] php forms and php version question

Mark Groen evolt at markgroen.com
Fri Apr 20 15:28:20 CDT 2007

On Friday 20 April 2007 11:06, Tom Dell'Aringa wrote:
> .........
> working. I then tried to good looking canned form scripts (
> ............secure-php-form-mailer-script/#download
>) which are simple to implement, but neither one seems to send any info or
> work correctly. (The config is very basic, I don't believe I made any
> errors - or at least nothing is telling me I am.)

As mentioned, see if you get a phpinfo.php results first so you know PHP is 
working. Then, check if there is a sendmail path, search for "Path to 
sendmail /usr/sbin/sendmail -t -i".

If that's good, use your own error reporting rather than relying on the server 
settings, copy the script linked below and include it first at the first file 
that's loaded in your application.

Example 566. Using error handling in a script:

Let us know what you get if it isn't obvious then, that script will show lots 
of interesting things.


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