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Tris beertastic at gmail.com
Wed Apr 25 05:32:11 CDT 2007

Why not use a score of 99-99 to signify a null game?
then at least you've not got to worry abuut null?

just a thought, and I'm hubgover, so sorry if it's a stupid thought...

On 25/04/07, Santilal Parbhu <santilal at scorpioneng.co.nz> wrote:
> Hi
> I am developing an appliciation in PHP4.  I use a form to collect results
> from sports matches.  If the match has been played and the results have been
> entered, those results are stored in a MySQL database.  The default value is
> NULL.  Later I query the database and will use the data to update a points
> table.  If the games haven't been played, the match is ignored.
> I read a form and the way I determine if the the results have been entered
> is to look to see if the form has a value in it.  If the value is NULL, then
> the results are not entered.  (I was using 0-0 as a means of detecting that
> the game has not been played, but then I realised that 0-0 can be a valid
> result.)
> My problem is that when I run the script to update the results into the
> database, the database record changes from Null to a value of 0.  This
> should occur for non-null entries but not for Null entries.  I need a null
> entry to remain Null.  Can anyone see where my code is in error?  I think
> that the UPDATE is not being skipped and the NULL is being updated to 0.
> I have tried using Print statements as breakpoints in the code, but they
> didn't print.  This tens to suggest that the code is not running, but it
> must be, because the database is being updated.  Hope someone can help.
> Thanks.
> Santilal
> foreach($HTTP_POST_VARS['match_id'] as $id){
>                 $score1=$HTTP_POST_VARS['score1'][$id];         //Read in the value of Score 1
> from the form.
>                 $score2=$HTTP_POST_VARS['score2'][$id];   //Read in the value of Score 2
> from the form.
>                 if ((isset($score1)) or (isset($score2))) {      //If either Score1 or Score2
> is not NULL, run the update.
>         $query = "UPDATE $compdraw SET score1=('$score1'), score2=('$score2')
>                                         WHERE row_id = '$id'  AND grade='$grd'";
>                 if($r = mysql_query ($query)){ // Execute the query.
>                 }else{ // Query didn't run.
>                                         print '<div id="draw">';
>                                         die ('<p>Could not retrieve the data because: <b>' . mysql_error() .
> "</b>. The query was $query.</p>");
>         }
>         }
>         }
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