[thelist] SOLVED CSS + IE = failure

dave [evolt] evoltlist at dropcase.com
Mon May 7 10:07:19 CDT 2007

dave [evolt] said the following on 05.07.2007 10:56:
> dave [evolt] said the following on 05.04.2007 15:19:
>> Hi Everyone,
>> I have a problem with a site I'm working on. You've heard it before: It
>> looks fine in FF, SeaMonkey, and others, but looks like garbage in IE6
>> and IE7. The link:
>>     main page - http://snipurl.com/1jcw5
>> The page looks ok on this (static) page in IE7, but the menu is shoved
>> to the right in IE6:
>>     test page - http://snipurl.com/1jcwm
> It's working now... I put the tabs (in the 'top' div), removed the
> margin (thanks Taurus), and updated the IE "fix" rules.
> Let me know if you see it otherwise, but looks like it's working from
> IE6 and IE7.
Oops, would help if I proofread first. That first part should read:
"...I put the tabs (in the #top div) into the main #wrapper,..."

Caffeine hasn't kicked in yet...

// DL

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