[thelist] CSS Woes

Jay Blanchard jblanchard at pocket.com
Tue May 8 13:56:49 CDT 2007

if I understand correctly, your goal for the content area is to, on the
fly, display different columns of existing data, in a fashion suitable
for side-by-side comparison? (just wanna clarify that afore I ponder a
different solution)

Exactly. Lets say the 'table' has a 4 x 20 grid. I want to compare 3
models against 12 features. I could selectively 'hide' 8 rows of
features and one column of model, leaving me with a 3 x 12 'table'.

I know that I can do this in a couple of ways, but most require a
truckload of markup and they would all be crazy hacks. With CSS I can
create rows and columns that are 'selectable' for a condition using
basic javascript;

<script language="JavaScript">
	function toggleDiv(divid){
		if(document.getElementById(divid).style.display ==
		    	document.getElementById(divid).style.display =
		    	document.getElementById(divid).style.display =

In testing it all worked pretty well (still had some stuff to
troubleshoot) until I placed into the page with additional CSS. I
probably could put the whole shebang into an IFRAME so that it stands
alone, and I could probably style the IFRAME to have invisiable borders
and no scrollbars (hack consideration #1). It lacks neatness though. The
footer will not move up and down in relation to page content, it will be
below the IFRAME. Resizing the browser window will give some funky

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