[thelist] [Partially OT] Request for Advice and Job Offer

Fred Jones fredthejonester at gmail.com
Thu May 10 09:37:50 CDT 2007

I am putting together a team to build both a web site and a native
application (OS to be determined) for a digital printer.

Very briefly, the application is to run on the kiosks located physically in
the printer's store. I presume most evolters are familiar with such systems.

The site is to provide the same basic functionality (a subset in reality) as
the kiosk software.

Both systems allow users to upload images, edit them (somewhat) and then
print them on various media with various options. The detailed
specifications of both systems are presently being developed.

The "Job Offer" part is that any interested parties can contact me ASAP with
a letter and resume. :)

The "Request for Advice" part is that I have been involved solely in web
development for many years now. For whatever reasons, this opportunity has
been presented to me now for application development. If anyone can
recommend to me OFFLINE other resources (lists/forums) where I might be able
to find capable and reliable talent to build the application part, I would
appreciate that.

Thank you,

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