[thelist] XML madness

Dan Parry dan at virtuawebtech.co.uk
Fri May 11 10:58:01 CDT 2007

I have 2 XML files each containing exactly the same data. I have a reload
function for a designer that reads the image and string information and
recreates the objects on the screen


In IE all is well and happiness is about the land (with none more surprised
than me) yet in FF a weird thing happens. 1 file will read perfectly and
recreate the object but the other will always fail saying the first
childNode of the root element has no properties


I've double- and triple-checked the XML to make sure they are identical and
they are. All that differs is the filename


I usually hammer on and figure these things out for myself but this one is
getting me very frustrated very, very quickly


I can provide the XML or URLs should anyone need them


Cheers in advance





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