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Will Budreau Will.Budreau at entrust.com
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You have two choices
1) you can force the users to use only a set of characters you approve
of (for example alphanumeric and certain characters), and return
validation errors anytime they enter anything else. That, in theory,
ensures users can never enter a value that causes this problem. OR
2) Create a _server-side_ function to escape special characters in any
user-provided string output before inserting into a javascript variable.
I've found many methods for preparing strings for insertion in HTML and
XML, but none for inserting into javascript.

Here's a list of special characters in javascript.

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> var answer = window.confirm("Would you like to delete the publication
> " + the_publication + "; #" + ticket_num + "?");

> http://www.htmlgoodies.com/beyond/javascript/article.php/3470891

That's great and all, but the reason that I asked is that I don't  
know what text will be in the variable the_publication.  It's user- 
entered, so difficult to escape.
Is there no function used in this case?


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