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Chris Price chris.price at choctaw.co.uk
Tue May 15 06:11:49 CDT 2007

I am working with someone who, at the moment, is outputting reports 
based on an organization's performance in various areas of its activity. 
This is web based and only requires the user to have IE and an internet 

The information is output listing the top level domains with the option 
of drilling down through any or all sub domains.

The result can be a long page of lists and sub lists with numerous keys, 
icons and colours indicating type, status etc.

The reports are available to various types of user including 
administrators, staff and customers which means for some the lists are 
helpful and for others they present too much information.

Some visualization has been attempted by drawing stick and circle images 
with the ability to zoom in on satellites and drill down for information 
from these satellites. The problem here is that a mass of lists and 
words has simply been translated into a mass of sticks and circles.

Essentially, I want be able to view detailed information in a particular 
domain without detaching it from other domains. I have ideas about the 
best way of presenting this data but I would welcome suggestions as to 
which web technology (preferably open source or free demo) would be most 
appropriate for this bearing in mind it must be viewable on a standard 

I have some experience with Flash and would be happy to pursue that line 
of enquiry.

Sorry if this is a little vaque.

The application is .net based.

Kind Regards
Chris Price


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