[thelist] Presenting information graphically

John Dowdell jdowdell at adobe.com
Tue May 15 16:22:29 CDT 2007

Chris Price wrote:
> I am working with someone who, at the moment, is outputting reports 
> based on an organization's performance in various areas of its activity...
> The application is .net based.

I think the question is "How can I graphically present drilldown 
relationships in a browser?" (I'm not sure if it's actually "browser" or 
merely "IE6", enabling an only-in-MS solution.)

If so, then do you know yet in what formats your .NET server can release 
the data which needs to be visualized? This, along with any browser 
constraints, can help determine which clientside graphical engines might 
be able to help.

(hmm, if you've seen any existing websites which use a graphical display 
similar to what you're seeking, then that could help orient the rest of 
us, too.)


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