[thelist] MySQL Select from multiple tables - have I got itright?

Chris Dempsey evolt at cubeit.co.uk
Wed May 16 06:36:13 CDT 2007


Very fast response - thank you!

Yeah, tbl_3 part is a typo.

Think it's time to consider changing the database structure to a single
table as the database is shared by around 100 websites at the moment.  Issue
is that several of these sites have their own admin panel for the database
and the more of these that are out there the more difficult it'll be to
change the structure in future.

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Hi Chris,

> I looked at merge, join and union options but they confused 
> the heck out of
> me then I tried something that just looks too simple to be a 
> correct and
> efficient answer:
> 	SELECT * FROM tbl_1
> 	SELECT * FROM tbl_2
> 	UNION ALL tbl_3
> 	SELECT * FROM tbl_4
> 	SELECT * FROM tbl_5
> 	ORDER BY date_from ASC
> Is there any reason why this would not work either in terms 
> of the select
> statement getting confused and missing out some records or in 
> terms of being
> inefficient and causing high database load?

I think this is the best option, mainly because it's the only option :-)

Incidentally your syntax goes a little off around "tbl_3" but I'm assuming
that's a typo.

> ps. If it was me that created the database I'd have used a 
> single table and
> added a field for 'event_category' rather than having 5 
> individual tables.
> Would this have been a better way to store the event 
> information or would an
> answer to this be dependant on a host of other questions?

I would say it's almost certainly a better way. Advantages would include
query performance, and ease of adding new event categories in the future.
Disadvantages? well, all your events would have to have a common data
structure. But it sounds like they do.


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