[thelist] MySQL Select from multiple tables - have I gotitright?

Joel D Canfield joel at streamliine.com
Wed May 16 10:59:10 CDT 2007

stupid email program. so, apologizing for the previous non-comment, and
continuing with what I thought I was saying -

> I agree that if Chris has five tables with identical structures he
> should be able to collapse those into a single table and that 
> the single
> table would be easier to work with.
> However ... we really don't know very much about what Chris 
> is trying to do.

but to some degree, we do.

not to cast aspersions (much like playing jai alai, I think) on the rest
of your comment, if the table structures are already identical (as the
use of 'UNION ALL' implies) then the existing table structure is
working, right?

*for the existing data* a single table with an 'event type' indicator is
probably better.

cautious enough for public consumption, Cap'n?


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