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Ken Moore psm2713 at hotmail.com
Wed May 16 13:20:00 CDT 2007

Hi all,

I might be starting an email campaign for someone soon. This would MySQL 
either on Linux or Windows. We want to track as many of the following as 

Open source would be best but any suggestions would help. Thanks


E-mail campaign stats:

    * Total number of e-mail attempted
    * Total number of e-mail failed to send (hard bounces)
    * Percentage of e-mail failed to send (hard bounces)
    * Total number of e-mail successfully delivered
    * Total number of opened HTML e-mail
    * Percentage of opened HTML e-mail
    * Total number of unsubscribed e-mail addresses
    * Percentage of unsubscribed e-mail addresses

Click-through stats:

    * Total Click-Throughs
    * Total Unique Click-Throughs
    * Total Click-Through Rate
    * Average Total Clicks/Address
    * Average Unique Clicks/Address
    * Click-Throughs by Link

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