[thelist] CMS recommendation?

Stefan Schwarzer st.schwarzer at geois.de
Thu May 17 02:32:18 CDT 2007

Hi there,

I guess this question asks for a rather difficult, because  
subjective, answer. But I thought I rather seek some assistance now,  
and not when my chosen CMS sucks...

I used XOOPS a while ago for developing a site, but found it rather  
bulky, cumbersome, difficult to customize for some local needs, and  
with some problems on the security side. I use Wordpress for a couple  
of different blogs and found it really great. But it's not a CMS.

So, for another project, where we need to make results from a  
research project available - graphics, tables, maps, with some  
explanations, docs - I would like to go for another CMS. I guess that  
the site won't be too complex, having not more than 50 pages, pretty  
similar in style and content. It's rather only one person developing  
and maintaining the site. No need for extended features like  
calendar, polls, emailing etc.. Should be PHP based.

As there are dozens/hundreds of CMS out there ( I looked at http:// 
www.opensourcecms.com to get some ideas ), I thought that  
nevertheless there is some kind of most-often-used or so CMS ( a bit  
like Wordpress is one of the major blogs software ) for the given  

Thanks for any advice.


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