[thelist] CMS recommendation?

A Maynes andrew at milords.com
Fri May 18 03:47:09 CDT 2007

Problem with this system is that it uses smarty and smarty is well known
for being buggy

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>I have used CMS Made Simple on three sites now. It is not the fastest 
>but has been robust and seems to be well supported by the 
>developers and 
>user forums. It was one of the very few CMS solutions that I 
>found that 
>did do just the basics, without all the extra portal stuff. It is easy 
>to configure and does produce standards-compliant pages.
>Tony Stratford
>Stefan Schwarzer wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> I guess this question asks for a rather difficult, because
>> subjective, answer. But I thought I rather seek some 
>assistance now,  
>> and not when my chosen CMS sucks...
>> I used XOOPS a while ago for developing a site, but found it rather
>> bulky, cumbersome, difficult to customize for some local needs, and  
>> with some problems on the security side. I use Wordpress for 
>a couple  
>> of different blogs and found it really great. But it's not a CMS.
>> So, for another project, where we need to make results from a
>> research project available - graphics, tables, maps, with some  
>> explanations, docs - I would like to go for another CMS. I 
>guess that  
>> the site won't be too complex, having not more than 50 
>pages, pretty  
>> similar in style and content. It's rather only one person 
>> and maintaining the site. No need for extended features like  
>> calendar, polls, emailing etc.. Should be PHP based.
>> As there are dozens/hundreds of CMS out there ( I looked at http://
>> www.opensourcecms.com to get some ideas ), I thought that  
>> nevertheless there is some kind of most-often-used or so CMS 
>( a bit  
>> like Wordpress is one of the major blogs software ) for the given  
>> purposes.
>> Thanks for any advice.
>> Stef
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