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Sun May 20 16:02:09 CDT 2007

So long as you measure in pixels, the DPI is irrelevant for screen, only
appropriate for print.

For the sake of proper design etiquette, it's a good practice to change
the DPI to 72dpi for screen, even though there isn't a difference in Kb.
So in Photoshop's Image Resize, first change the DPI from 300 to 72 (and
you'll see the W/H dimensions change if you have resampling checked), and
then adjust the W/H pixel settings.


> Bob Meetin wrote:
>> I'm having trouble putting into words ( non-techy words for a non-techy
>> audience) why it is important to adjust image resolution from whatever
>> dpi, 300-600, to 72 (or perhaps 96) for use on the internet and in
>> email.  Point me to a short article (a paragraph) would be fine. -Bob
> It's not really the DPI size that matters, as long as they realize the
> image
> as displayed on the internet/email is going to be the exact same size on
> the
> screen as they see it on their screen, when zoomed in to 100%.  When
> planning to use an image online, ignore the image dimensions in inches or
> centimeters, and make sure the size *in pixels* is what they want it to
> be.
> For example, a 3 by 2 inch image at 300 DPI is going to be 900 by 600
> pixels, whereas the size intended on screen is probably 216 by 144 pixels,
> which is the same size in inches, but at 72 DPI.
> HTH,
> Rick.
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