[thelist] Suggestions for development syncronization!!

Stephen Rider evolt_org at striderweb.com
Mon May 21 10:10:35 CDT 2007

A bit of a different approach from what's been suggested, but you  
might consider something like SubEthaEdit.  It lets multiple authors  
edit a document simultaneously.

Dangerous or powerful?  You Decide!  ;)

(This page is for Mac, but there's probably something similar out  
there for Windows....)

Stephen Rider


> hello,
>     we are a small team everyone was working in individual
> project, but we
> find that sometimes there is a light project and heavy one,
> which will cause
> load on one developer and free time for others.
> so we think about making tasks of all projects accessible to
> all developers
> for each one to select what he want to work on from any
> project this will
> make all developers busy until all task finished.
> now we stopped by some points. 1st, we are using mainly PHP/MySQL
> - How we insure that no one stepping on each other's toes.!
> - SQL framework system.
> - versioning solution usable with client's server.
> any suggestion will be much appreciated.

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