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patrick pms at stoutstreet.com
Wed May 23 08:58:44 CDT 2007

Matt Warden wrote:
> On 5/23/07, Bob Meetin <ontheroad at frii.com> wrote:
>> * I am still fairly new to this business and accept the fact that there
>> will be some learning curves as i develop my processes in addition to
>> tech knowledge/skills - i've thought about creating a site plan
>> collection form, but would any client actually use it??? A more
>> established business (than me) would have better processes from
>> experience in place to account for the meeting, interaction, develop a
>> plan for 'them' time.  I spend many, many hours in developing the
>> pitch.  How much of this prep time is chargeable and how do you mark
>> this in the estimate (8 hours of account management at $$$/hr).

Something else you might consider -- especially if you grow your 
business as you expect -- is to keep on the lookout for a 
partner/contractor that can do this part of the job. Seems the 'web 
business analysis' field could be a nice niche that needs some attention.

>> * frustration interaction  - Barney said something that seems to ring
>> true that clients don't know the in's and out's, details.  I'm aspiring
>> to 'bold', but need to balance bold with the fact that as a young
>> business I need to work extra hard to develop that list of clients that
>> will help with further referrals.  I did 'allude' to the what is your
>> budget question, but didn't force an answer and didn't get one...
> It is true that your reputation will bring more business. A part of
> this is client referrals and repeat business. In my experience,
> though, clients love to dangle this as the carrot leading you to doing
> more work for less. Your pile of good will can always increase, so
> many end up doing more for less indefinitely. In my opinion, it
> doesn't really pay. Value your work; do a good job; don't let the
> client step all over you; etc. and there will be enough good will to
> keep the work flowing.

Oh my yes this is definitely the case.


patrick sanders
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