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Julian Rickards julian.rickards at gmail.com
Wed May 23 19:56:13 CDT 2007

Although my WordPress blog is hosted with a host that provided a one click
install, on my previous host, I had to set it up manually and it wasn't too
bad. Just create a folder called blog (or whatever) and install it there.
Make certain that you have MySQL available, the install procedure will
create the database and tables for you.

On 23/05/07, Lisa B McLaughlin <lisa at allspunup.com> wrote:
> Calling all blog wizards!
> I need a stand alone blogging software that I can insert into a client's
> website so they keep their branding and can update their own blogs.  I've
> looked around to no avail.  Any suggestions for where to look, how to
> look,
> or anything you use that fits the bill?
> Requirements are images, postings, replies to the original posting plus
> ability to respond to individual posts.  The site is a UK charitable
> organization that needs the posts to be monitored,anonymous, and secure.
> The real trick here is being able to pull this off without fancy
> programming
> skills.  I am willing to host wherever is necessary instead of hosting on
> my
> regular servers.

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