[thelist] IE 6 css q

Max Schwanekamp lists at neptunewebworks.com
Thu May 24 13:21:36 CDT 2007

> From: Mark Groen
> Here's a quick fix, use the conditional comment to feed IE6 this:
> #pagewrap { position:absolute; }

Ah.  That worked, and because it worked now I realize it was the negative
margin on the #navigation element, triggering some obscure IE rendering bug
that is fixed in IE7.  Re: your earlier sensible suggestion, I put the
background on the wrapper div instead of on body because the background
image is just wide enough for 1024px width display; it was a kludgy attempt
to make a nice transition for wider displays.  Been encountering a lot more
people lately who view web pages in maximized windows on 1440 or 1600px
width display.

Thanks Mark! 

Max Schwanekamp

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