[thelist] Online payments - how to...

Struan Donald struan at exo.org.uk
Thu May 24 15:45:51 CDT 2007

* at 24/05 23:41 +0400 Nadeem Hosenbokus said:
> Hi,
> Well I've been avoiding getting into this tangle for a while now and it
> seems that on track for a head on collision with building sites with online
> payment facilities.
> I have tried Googling how to build a PHP site with online payments (no
> chance apparently) and how to integrate a third-party API into a site. It
> seems that I have to use a third party but there are so many and so little
> information (that I can find anyway) about how to actually do the
> development part that I find myself completely lost.
> Can anybody give me any suggestions or point me to some *good*,
> non-marketing, straight-to-the-point (ok - maybe too much to ask for)
> documentation/tutorial/guide on how I can build online functionality into my
> sites.

You could start with this bit of the PayPal site:


They've got example code in PHP among other things and pretty
comprehensive documentation on how to use it all.



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