[thelist] If interested- BrowserCam special discount

Tim B timb.php at gmail.com
Thu May 24 21:34:13 CDT 2007


If you're still looking for an easy way to test your sites in multiple 
operating systems, browsers and devices - a few spots are still 
available to get 1 year access to BrowserCam 'Complete' for only $25 
when the usual price for the same service is $499.

If you're using Parallels to test your sites on Windows and Linux, don't
worry about this, but if not - this offer seems pretty good and I'm
doing it for the unlimited 60-minute session VNC access to Windows
machines and Linux machines. I'm pretty sure they do Mac's do, but I use 
one so I don't need that.

It includes the screen capture service, plus remote VNC access.

More on BrowserCam here: www.browsercam.com
More on this offer here: www.fundable.com/browsercam


To ensure the site your developing still functions in browsers or 
devices without Javascript, build the site without Javascript first, 
then add it in later, but also develop with Javascript turned off (or 
use NoScript addon in Firefox).

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