[thelist] What is the best programming language for the web?

Paul Bennett Paul.Bennett at wcc.govt.nz
Thu May 24 21:43:49 CDT 2007

Hi John,

Maybe I can clarify the 'objections' that you're having trouble grasping so far.

I appreciate that Adobe has a commercial interest in the success of Coldfusion products as a whole but I object to the hijacking of this thread to essentially push your product with baseless claims of increased productivity and decreased overall project cost.

In your first message, you made this statement:
"Lots of people defend what they know, but Adobe ColdFusion is pretty much unassailable on the first and final metrics you cite." 

Given that, in your opinion, CF is "unassailable" in terms of 'speed of development' and 'learning curve' (which were the metrics you referred to) and not a dying language (as is my opinion) I'd like to see some proof of the "unassailability" of CF compared to other industry standard server-side languages.

In the same message, you made this statement:
"Anything given away (PHP, ASP) take the prize in initial capitalization  costs, although they'd get more expensive when also looking at total 
ongoing costs."

Given that the software is free compared to the $1,300 USD (standard) or $6,000 USD (enterprise) cost for CF MX server that's quite a claim. 

In summary, you've claimed:
1) You believe CF to be superior to any other server-side language for speed of development and learning curve
2) You believe CF beats free or low cost alternatives for 'total ongoing costs' (whatever they are)

Adobe is a big company, so show us some *real*, comparative data. Do that and I'm happy to concede. Until then please stop posting baseless product promotion statements to this list.


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