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Nadeem Hosenbokus nadeem at multigraphics.biz
Fri May 25 13:41:36 CDT 2007

Hi Martin,


Originally I thought that they might be a variation in services/solutions
that depended on the country - then I thought otherwise it being the
Internet and all... right?


Your question has me thinking again. So, we're based in Mauritius but our
clients are in Mauritius as well as in England and France.


If I can find a solution for all three countries (which I guess would
actually be applicable to Europe in general) then great but my priority
right now is to serve our immediate Mauritian client-base. I would also use
that as my platform for learning and testing.


The second "feature" of my problem is that the shopping cart is our own
custom built solution. It was mentioned earlier that the actual development
language was not important - since then I have learnt that the usual method
is to place key variables in hidden fields and submit the form to a specific
URL - which can be highly customised (apparently).


So all I need now is a provider that can handle Mauritius at the lowest cost
(even though visibility would be higher - good point).


Any ideas? 



Thanks in advance,







Hi Nadeem


First question: which country are you/client in?


There are a number of third party merchant services providers, but  

generally, the less obvious the transition to the user, the more cost  

and security hassle you're going to have to go through. And believe  

me, the degree of security hassle can be enormous, and is only going  

to increase as the amount of online fraud increases.


Most shopping carts have integration modules for the major providers,  

to greater or lesser degrees of intrusiveness.





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