[thelist] MS Silverlight

Robert Gormley robert at pennyonthesidewalk.com
Fri May 25 20:17:56 CDT 2007

Which is, of course, why if you go to the Silverlight site, there are downloads for IE, Netscape, Firefox, and Safari on OSX, right Shawn? Because it's "IE for Windows, everyone else is on their own", right Shawn?


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Microsoft says "cross-browser, cross-platform". What Microsoft really
means is "we'll make the version for IE on Windows, everyone else is on
their own, and will probably forever be at least a version behind". I'm
not sure I even want to find out what kind of nasty patent restriction
minefield Microsoft has laid for alternative Silverlight
implementations; it would not surprise me to find out that a free
software version of Silverlight is impossible due to same.

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