[thelist] Turn (English) Website into Arabic

Abdullah Mancy mancy3000 at gmail.com
Tue May 29 23:46:40 CDT 2007

    for tags you are going to use windows-1256
for right-to-left    <html dir="rtl">
i don't know if you can set database charset to windows-1256 to accept
arabic, while you've to set your browser to this charset.
no problem at all using arabic in php
here is some links
http://www.php-ar.com/    you may check this next month :) exceed bandwidth
limit for this month.

hope these informations get you started.

On 5/29/07, Stefan Schwarzer <st.schwarzer at geois.de> wrote:
> Hi there,
> our website, a portal for global national statistics and other kind
> of data sets ( http://geodata.grid.unep.ch ) needs to get ready for
> translation (or better: display) of arabic language. I have actually
> no idea what this implies code-wise. Can anyone give me a hint..
>       ... HTML meta or other tags?
>       ... reading from left to right?
>       ... Postgres database probably is the minor problem
>       ... PHP?
> Where do I have to start?  (Beside of google, yes.... I searched
> already a bit around, but haven't really found much stuff.)
> Thanks for any advice!
> Stef
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