[thelist] Turn (English) Website into Arabic

kasimir-k kasimir.k.lists at gmail.com
Wed May 30 05:34:20 CDT 2007

Stefan Schwarzer scribeva in 29/05/2007 11:50:
> our website, a portal for global national statistics and other kind  
> of data sets ( http://geodata.grid.unep.ch ) needs to get ready for  
> translation (or better: display) of arabic language. 

Are you sure you are concerned only on the display issues? Providing 
content for different regions/languages usually involves much more than 
just that, things called internationalization and localization (i18n and 

> Where do I have to start?  (Beside of google, yes.... I searched  
> already a bit around, but haven't really found much stuff.)

As you are using PHP one good google start would be:
Wikipedia is always worth a read:
Maybe you could use Zend Framework's Zend_Locale module? Even if not, 
having a look at it might give you some ideas:


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