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Chris Dempsey evolt at cubeit.co.uk
Wed May 30 08:38:50 CDT 2007

Thanks for all the responses.

phpMyAdmin is installed on the website but it's in a password protected
folder to which we can't find the access details for.

The only real info I have is the database connection string from the PHP
scripts I downloaded off the FTP server.

Using SQLyog is not a necessity, I just prefer it to phpMyAdmin.

> If your account allows connection via a SSH shell
>From what I could make out from 1&1 tech [dodgy line quality and very heavy
overseas call centre accent] the account is likely to support an SSH
connection... trouble is we don't have the access details and I know tech
won't hand them out as we're not the account holder.

Now waiting for the client to get back to us and fingers crossed they can
find some further account details.


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You should be able to log into the phpmyadmin and then add a new user
who can access it from your IP. Best to restrict it as best you can.
If your IP changes, try just a subnet or if you're unsure of that, you
could leave it open.

I can't remember now but I'm pretty sure when I was on 1&1 I was able
to use SQLYog.

On 5/30/07, Kristian Rink <kristian at zimmer428.net> wrote:
> that you will be able to log into your phpmyadmin (if there is one)
> using the login parameters used in your PHP scripts, at least the sites
> I've seen here so far don't bother making a difference between an
> administrative and an "arbitrary-user" account...

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