[thelist] PHP5 hosts...

misterhaan misterhaan at track7.org
Wed Jun 6 12:14:31 CDT 2007

Tris wrote:
> I'm about to sign up with these guys:
> http://www.a2hosting.com/reseller_hosting.php
> on an intermediate packge for a 2 year contract.
> does anyone know of any better deals out there, before I sign my life away?
> I need:
> PHP 5
> MySQL 5
> Control panel for adding new emails, sites etc... (I'm crap at command
> line stuff.. for now) but have the option to use command line
> interface...
> Thouights?
> Cheers all!!!
have you looked at dreamhost?  they offer everything you say you need 
for a lot cheaper (also they have a promotion going that gets you 5 free 
domain registrations).  i have 3 sites hosted there and have been very 
happy -- if you visit their site through this url i'll get credit for 
the referral (otherwise just go straight to their domain):  

the name and the site for a2 (web) hosting -- can't figure out if "web" 
is in the name or not -- make me nervous, but i don't have any 
experience with them.

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