[thelist] OT - PHP and MySQL server

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Jun 10 11:26:10 CDT 2007

On 10 Jun 2007, at 17:06, Mark Groen wrote:

> On Sunday 10 June 2007 08:06, Ken Moore wrote:
>> ...........
>> We are working with a client who is going to start with 20 to 30  
>> domains
>> and eventually have well over 500 that they are managing. .....
>> ......20 pages, low to moderate bandwidth needs, and 2 or 3 PHP  
>> pages to
>> collect visitor information.
> That is more than enough to have a dedicated server and hiring  
> someone to set
> it up for you.

A moderately beefy one too. Although maybe you're looking at a  
dedicated partition
for each one, rather than either a whole server each, or a simple  
shared server.

Or splitting the system between a beefy shared DB server, and smaller  
partitions for the PHP.

You might want to start looking at managed services too:

>> .............
>> ..........they have Fedora Core, PHP, and MySQL,
> Just about any Linux distro runs PHP and MySQL very well. I would  
> stay away
> from Fedora for a commercial server, it is a cutting edge distro  
> and the
> release cycle is much higher than other versions of Linux and it's not
> uncommon to have things break/change between releases. More than  
> once I've
> had upgrades (even kernel updates) to Fedora break and have had to  
> do a clean
> install. A better option would be CentOS or RHEL.

...or Debian Stable, whose updates system is extremely robust. It's a  
distro that
takes regression testing *very* seriously.

>> Are there any other hosts that might be good for such a large  
>> number of
>> sites?
> What side of the continent are you on? Latency may or may not be an  
> issue for
> you, from your description of the sites probably not but something to
> consider anyways. For the west, ThePlanet.com has massive connectivity

fwiw, they host all of evolt on Debian. We could probably do with a  
beefier box
(which is our problem), but other than that, we've been very happy  
with them.

> and my
> personal favourite is RackSpace.com

If you've the budget, then Rackspace is an *excellent* choice. Anyone  
(at least
anyone *stable* - fly by night operations need not apply) with the  
confidence to
offer a 100% network uptime SLA has got to be worth investigating.


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