[thelist] Safari on Windows

Jon Hughes hughesj at firemtn.com
Tue Jun 12 10:14:38 CDT 2007

Not on Vista(from what I understand, all programs run in a very low
access level in Vista - unless you disable the "cancel or allow" thing)

But in WinXP, yes.  Every program has the potential to run as the level
you are logged in as.

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> Seriously, though.  It could allow remote execution on your PC
> (essentially install any software it wants)

right; got it.

to continue my eddicashun, and hoping it's not too off-topic, if the
browser allows remote execution, is it acting as something other than
the anonymous web user? as in, I'm an administrator on my own WinXP box,
so it has godlike powers?

faaaaaaar too long away from networking to have a grip on this stuff

thanks again


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